Retain, Grow and Recruit Companies

Challenge Statement:

“Define and pursue industry clusters key to economic growth across Colorado so as to focus and coordinate development of local infrastructure in communities across the state.”

This table includes the datasets available on the Colorado Information Marketplace that are most relevant to this challenge.

Data Source
CDLEWID - OESOccupational Employment StatisticsPublished
CDLEWID - IncomeIncome DataPublished
DORAeLicenseRecords of licensed professionals and their licensing transactionsETL In Progress
CDOTTransportation System Management & OperationsCDOT API - real time dataIdentified
CDOT?Bicycle and Pedestrian countsPursuing
CDHigherEdJobs and Skills DataJobs and Skills DataPursuing
DOLABuilding Permits SurveyBuilding permits by state and countyIdentified
DOLACost of Capital and Tax RatesMultiple downloads - unique industry data on capitol/taxable business and propertyIdentified
DOLACounty and Municipal Financial CompendiumDetailed financial data since 1975Identified
DOLACensus and ACS shapefiles45 shapefiles Census/ACSPursuing
DOLAApproved CDBG awards 2011-2014List of overall dollars for ea projectIdentified
DOLAHousing Needs Assessments - buildings - StateHousing Conditions, Housing Affordability, Neighborhood Demographics, Building Permits, Windshield Surveys, Local Real Estate Data, Unmet Needs, Incidence of Complaints, Vacancy Rates, Crime DataIdentified
DOLAFederal Mineral Lease PaymentsDollars and acres by countyIdentified
DOLALocally Assessed Renewable Property TemplateLocally Assessed Renewable EnergyIdentified
DOLA*Colorado Housing SearchAvailable Properties "Go to this site to find affordable rental properties anywhere in Colorado. It's free!"Identified
DOLASection 8 Income LimitsIncome limits by metro-region and countyIdentified
DOLAVacancy and Rent DataVacancy and Rent data by market area, age of building, apartment size, apartment type, number of multi-family unitsIdentified
DOLACapitol ImprovementsCapitol Imrovements Fund - where dollars are spentIdentified
DOLAForeclosure statisticsForeclosure stats - Quarterly dataIdentified
DOLADOLA tax database - TBDRenewable Energy Property taxationIdentified
DOLADOLA tax database - TBDLessor Personal Proeprty taxation, Residential Personal Property taxation, Coal and Real Personal Property taxation, Producing Mines Real and Personal Property taxation, Earth or Stone Products Real and Personal Property taxation, Pipelines, pipeline taxation, Drill Rig, drill rig taxation, Oil and Gas Real and Personal Property, Vacant Land Taxation or Exemption. Data on vacant lands - location, value, size, etcIdentified
DOLADOLA tax database - TBDBudgeting - Capitol Improvements, Road Spending, Infrastructure Dollars, Levies and RevenueIdentified
DOLAIntergovernmental agreementsurban growth boundaries, utilities collaboration, annexation, revenue sharing, otherIdentified
DOLAstate-wide tax district shapefilestate-wide tax incentive districts shapefileIdentified
CDAColorado Market Maker Product DirectoryBuyer, Eating & Drinking Place, Farmer/Rancher, Farmers Market, Food Bank, Food Retailer, Processor/Packing Shed, Tourism, Wholesaler, WineryIdentified
CDAFarm Fresh DirectoryLocations for access to fresh foodIdentified
CDAColorado Wineries and Vineyardslocations of wineries and vinyardsIdentified
CDAColorado Proud DirectoryColorado produced products and foodIdentified
CDAColorado Farmer's MarketsLocation and timesIdentified
CDAColorado Bed and Breakfast directoryAddresses and some info on amenities for Colorado BnBsIdentified
CDAColorado Proud Restaurant Guideaddresses and some restaurant infoIdentified
CDAMountain States Food Service Brokers DirectoryBetween wholesale and restaurantIdentified
OAHPLocal governments with preservation ordinances or zoningdirectory of local governments with preservation ordinances or zoningIdentified
EnergyBuilding Types and specificationsBuilding types, ages, costs, energy auditsIdentified
EnergyColorado Energy Industry EmploymentColorado Energy Industry EmploymentIdentified
EnergyColorado Solar CompaniesDirectory of Solar companies, 328 companies and 3,600 jobs, Directory of Solar Thermal companiesIdentified
EnergySolar Friendly CommunitiesDesignation funded by DOE SunShot InitiativeIdentified
OEDITEconomic Development and International TradeCDBG grant dollars and other grant distributionTBD
OEDITOffice of Film, Television & MediaLocations, revenue, subsidiesTBD
OEDITColorado Innovation NetworkCategories, revenue, subsidiesTBD
CDECapital Construction OfficeDollars invested on infrastructure and technologyTBD
DPAState BudgetIdentified
CDHEDivision of Environmental Health and SustainabilitySustainability dataIdentified
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