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Data Source
CDLEWID - OESOccupational Employment StatisticsPublished
CDLEWID - IncomeIncome DataPublished
CDLEWID - CESCurrent Employment StatisticsPublished
CDLEWID - EmploymentEmployment/Unemployment EstimatesPublished
CDLEWID - QCEWCovered Employment by IndustryPublished
CDLEOil & Public SafetyIndustry DataTBD
DORAeLicenseRecords of licensed professionals and their licensing transactionsETL In Progress
DORAHPPPHealthcare Professionals ProfilesWaiting Signoff
DORADivision of Real EstateHome appraisalsIdentified
DORADivision of Real EstateConservation easementsIdentified
DORADivision of Real EstateBrokers and Appraisers DirectoryIdentified
DORADivision of SecuritiesLicensing and BrokeringIdentified
DPSDivision of Homeland Security and Emergency ManagementFire Bans and DangerIdentified
DPSDivision of Homeland Security and Emergency ManagementFlood RecoveryIdentified
DPSDivision of Homeland Security and Emergency ManagementColorado Current FiresIdentified
DPSDivision of Fire Prevention and ControlFire StationsIdentified
CDOTTransportation System Management & OperationsCDOT API - real time dataIdentified
CDOT(HUTF)(MIRE) Safety Data by County for RoadsCICOOFF (Local Roads) - Roadway conditions, geometrics, NHS, Traffic Data (Major Collector and higher only), grade/curve (only on HPMS samples) - (HUTF - Hwy Users Tax Fund)Pursuing
CDOT(HUTF)(MIRE) Safety Data by County for RoadsCICOHPMS - On-street parking (HPMS Samples only)Pursuing
CDOT(MIRE) Safety Data by County for Roads ADA Curb Ramps - Crosswalk presence/type, signalization type and special featuresPursuing
CDOTSQL ServerConstruction Project LocationsIdentified
CDOT*OTISHAZMAT routes, weight data, general restrictionsIdentified
CDOTCity/County Road Mileage reportsSurface quality reports and construction planning (4 year aggregated data)Identified
CDOTOTISEnvironmental dataIdentified
CDOT?Bicycle and Pedestrian countsPursuing
CDOTStatewide Planning/Planning InventoryBicycle and Pedestrian DataIdentified
CDOT?CDOT GPS Survey ControlIdentified
CDOTOTISInter-city Bus Routes and StationsIdentified
CDOTOTISAmtrak Rail Lines and Stations, Light Rail Lines and Stations, Park and Ride LocationsIdentified
CDOTOTISCommercial RailIdentified
CDOTOTIS8 shapefilesIdentified
CDOTOTISPublic Airports and Air Strips, Private Airports and Helicopter PadsIdentified
CDOT*?ski areasIdentified
CDOTOTISTraffic Counters - highway, non-highwayPursuing
CDHigherEdJobs and Skills DataJobs and Skills DataPursuing
CDHigherEdCollege MeasuresCollege MeasuresPursuing
CDHigherEdCapitol Improvements and AssetsBuildings, specialized equipment and technologyIdentified
DOLABuilding Permits SurveyBuilding permits by state and countyIdentified
DOLACost of Capital and Tax RatesMultiple downloads - unique industry data on capitol/taxable business and propertyIdentified
DOLACounty and Municipal Financial CompendiumDetailed financial data since 1975Identified
DOLACensus and ACS shapefiles45 shapefiles Census/ACSPursuing
DOLAApproved CDBG awards 2011-2014List of overall dollars for ea projectIdentified
DOLAAssessed Valuation, Revenue And Average Levies(1) by CountAssessed Valuation, Revenue And Average Levies(1) by CountIdentified
DOLAEqualization Factor for State Assessed PropertiesEqualization Factor for State Assessed PropertiesIdentified
DOLAPAB - Private Activity Bonds Direct AllocationDollars allocated by countyIdentified
DOLADirectory of Housing AuthoritiesDirectory of Housing Authorities state wideIdentified
DOLADirectory of CO County AssessorsDirectory of CO County AssessorsIdentified
DOLAHousing Needs Assessments - buildings - StateHousing Conditions, Housing Affordability, Neighborhood Demographics, Building Permits, Windshield Surveys, Local Real Estate Data, Unmet Needs, Incidence of Complaints, Vacancy Rates, Crime DataIdentified
DOLASection 8 ContractorsDirectory of Section 8 ContractorsIdentified
DOLAEIAF – Energy & Mineral Impact Assistance FundGrants and loans for planning, construction and maintenance of public facilities, and the provision of public services. Eligible recipients are political subdivisions socially or economically impacted by the development, processing or energy conversion of minerals and mineral fuels.Identified
DOLAFederal Mineral Lease PaymentsDollars and acres by countyIdentified
DOLAPersonal Property TaxationPersonal property taxes and depreciation. Including Airline, Major Electric, Mobile Telephone, Non-Renewable Energy, Pipeline, Private Car Lines, Railroad, Renewable Energy, Rural Electric, Rural Telephone, Telephone, Telephone Reseller, WaterIdentified
DOLALocally Assessed Renewable Property TemplateLocally Assessed Renewable EnergyIdentified
DOLAOil and Gas Basic Equipment ListsMultiple downloads - unique industry dataIdentified
DOLAHousing Needs Assessments - buildings - State more detailed by countyHousing Conditions, Housing Affordability, Neighborhood Demographics, Building Permits, Windshield Surveys, Local Real Estate Data, Unmet Needs, Incidence of Complaints, Vacancy Rates, Crime DataIdentified
DOLA*Colorado Housing SearchAvailable Properties "Go to this site to find affordable rental properties anywhere in Colorado. It's free!"Identified
DOLASection 8 Income LimitsIncome limits by metro-region and countyIdentified
DOLADOLA Housing Database - TBDManufactured Housing Inspectors Directory, Manufactured Housing Dealers Directory, Manufactured Housing Installers Directory, Manufactured Housing Factory Built Manufacturers Directory, Manufactured Housing Factory Built Non-Residential Manufacturers Directory, Manufactured Housing Third Party Inspectors DirectoryIdentified
DOLAEnergy CodesEnergy codes downloable by countyIdentified
DOLAIECC Adoption status (international energy conservationIECC Adoption status by countyIdentified
DOLAActive Colorado MunicipalitiesDirectory of Active Colorado MunicipalitiesIdentified
DOLAColorado Property Tax EntitiesDirectory and some additional filings infoIdentified
DOLAVacancy and Rent DataVacancy and Rent data by market area, age of building, apartment size, apartment type, number of multi-family unitsIdentified
DOLACapitol ImprovementsCapitol Imrovements Fund - where dollars are spentIdentified
DOLAHousing Quality Standards InspectionsHousing condition details and addressesIdentified
DOLANSP Homes for saleNewly refurbished homes renovated under the Neighborhood Stabilization Program are available for purchase in Colorado. Check this page frequently for new listings in new parts of the state.Identified
DOLAForeclosure statisticsForeclosure stats - Quarterly dataIdentified
DOLAHousing SnapshotsMinimum housing provisions Identified
DOLAHousing BenchmarksMinimum housing provisions for persons with disabilitiesIdentified
DOLACertification Numbers for Manufactred StructuresManufactured housing types and jurisdictionsIdentified
DOLAICC-ES Evaluation ReportsDescription of building, list of data used to characterize energy audit and upgradeIdentified
DOLAResidential and Commercial inspection for code complianceDescription of building, list of data used to characterize energy audit and upgradeIdentified
DOLADOLA tax database - TBDRenewable Energy Property taxationIdentified
DOLADOLA tax database - TBDLessor Personal Proeprty taxation, Residential Personal Property taxation, Coal and Real Personal Property taxation, Producing Mines Real and Personal Property taxation, Earth or Stone Products Real and Personal Property taxation, Pipelines, pipeline taxation, Drill Rig, drill rig taxation, Oil and Gas Real and Personal Property, Vacant Land Taxation or Exemption. Data on vacant lands - location, value, size, etcIdentified
DOLADOLA tax database - TBDBudgeting - Capitol Improvements, Road Spending, Infrastructure Dollars, Levies and RevenueIdentified
DOLASearch and Rescue FundData on types of emergencies, locations of rescue, dollars spent in different areasIdentified
DOLALand Use CodesLand Use Codes and Geographic AreasIdentified
DOLAIntergovernmental agreementsurban growth boundaries, utilities collaboration, annexation, revenue sharing, otherIdentified
DOLAstate-wide zoning shapefilestate-wide zoning shapefileIdentified
DOLAstate-wide tax district shapefilestate-wide tax incentive districts shapefileIdentified
DOLACounty ParcelsCounty ParcelsIdentified
DOLAMunicipal Boundaries ProjectMunicipal Boundaries ShapaefilePublished
DOLAMunicipal Boundaries ProjectMunicipal Boundaries Annexations ShapaefilePublished
DOLAVarious GIS Boundaries25+ shapefilesIdentified
OITStatewide addressesStatewide addressesIdentified
CDAColorado Market Maker Product DirectoryBuyer, Eating & Drinking Place, Farmer/Rancher, Farmers Market, Food Bank, Food Retailer, Processor/Packing Shed, Tourism, Wholesaler, WineryIdentified
CDAColorado CSAsLocations of Community Supported Agriculture Farms and pick up locations, product lists, possibly other dataIdentified
CDAFarm Fresh DirectoryLocations for access to fresh foodIdentified
CDAColorado Wineries and Vineyardslocations of wineries and vinyardsIdentified
CDANoxious Weed Mapping InventoryLocating invasivesIdentified
CDAColorado Proud DirectoryColorado produced products and foodIdentified
CDAColorado Forest Products Databaselocations and product typesIdentified
CDAColorado Farmer's MarketsLocation and timesIdentified
CDAColorado Co-Pack Directoryencourage the growth of existing businesses and the establishment of start up businesses. Lists packaging facilities locations and resourcesIdentified
CDAE-85 Station Locations ListLocation of all biofuel pumps in the stateIdentified
CDAGroundwater Dataall data publicly available through downloaderIdentified
CDAColorado Bed and Breakfast directoryAddresses and some info on amenities for Colorado BnBsIdentified
CDAColorado Proud Restaurant Guideaddresses and some restaurant infoIdentified
CDAColorado Winter Farmer's MarketsLocation and timesIdentified
CDAMountain States Food Service Brokers DirectoryBetween wholesale and restaurantIdentified
CDAFarm Products Master ListFarm Product Licence TypesIdentified
CDAAquaculture Program, Colorado Parks and WildifeLocations of Aquaculture facilitiesIdentified
CDAProduct index and regulationsColorado Farm to MarketIdentified
CDAColorado Christmas Tree ListLocations of Christmas Tree FarmsIdentified
CDAGroundwater Sensitivity Areasagriculturally irrigated areas and aquifer locationsIdentified
CDAStatewide Domestic Use Water WellsLocations of all drinking wellsIdentified
CDAAgritourism DataStatistics on generated revenueIdentified
CDAVarious GIS Datasets15+ shapefilesIdentified
OAHPLocal governments with preservation ordinances or zoningdirectory of local governments with preservation ordinances or zoningIdentified
OAHPCultural Resource SurveyHistoric Architecture, pre-historic sites, rock art, linear features, archaeology sites,vandalized sitesIdentified
OAHPCultural Resource Survey Management InfoAdditional information to the survey including land survey info (area and relative location using SPLSS) and details of found itemsIdentified
OAHPCentennial FarmsLocation of all Centennial FarmsIdentified
OAHPColorado State Income Tax Credit for Historic PreservationAnnual amount of credit, possibly other detailed infoIdentified
OAHPState Registry of Historic PlacesState Registry of Historic Places including Multiple Property Submissions, Certified Local Districts, State Historic Monuments, National Historic Landmarks, World Heritage Sites, State Register Property Directories, Properties Removed from the State and National RegistersIdentified
EnergyElectricity UsageData collected to measure success of implementing Smart GridIdentified
EnergyAlt fuels/Electric Vehicle Charging Station locationsAlt fuels/Electric Vehicle Charging Station locationsIdentified
EnergyFleet Vehicles - government recordsAlt fuels in govt fleet vehiclesIdentified
EnergyBuilding Types and specificationsBuilding types, ages, costs, energy auditsIdentified
EnergyList of Energy Services CompaniesList of pre-qualified Energy Service CompaniesIdentified
EnergyClean Tech Grant Money from Advanced Industries Acelerator ProgramAdvanced Industries Acelerator ProgramsIdentified
EnergyForiegn Trade ZonesBusinesses operating in FTZs can reduce duty and tax costs, as well as streamline theirIdentified
EnergyColorado Energy Industry EmploymentColorado Energy Industry EmploymentIdentified
EnergyCost of Energy sources 2007-2046Nuclear, Natural Gas and Coal energy price projectionsIdentified
EnergyColorado Solar CompaniesDirectory of Solar companies, 328 companies and 3,600 jobs, Directory of Solar Thermal companiesIdentified
EnergySolar Friendly CommunitiesDesignation funded by DOE SunShot InitiativeIdentified
OEDITEconomic Development and International TradeCDBG grant dollars and other grant distributionTBD
OEDITCreative Industries aka Colorado Council on the ArtsArts categories, facilities, programsTBD
OEDITOffice of Film, Television & MediaLocations, revenue, subsidiesTBD
OEDITColorado Innovation NetworkCategories, revenue, subsidiesTBD
OEDITThe Dean Runyan Economic Impact of Travel on Colorado ReportDescribes the economic impacts of travel to and through Colorado and each of its 64 counties, four tourism regions and eleven districts.Identified
OEDITLongwoods InternationalConducts an overview of Colorado’s travel and tourism market and provides a detailed profile of the state’s visitors for each calendar year. Identified
CDECapital Construction OfficeDollars invested on infrastructure and technologyTBD
DMVAStorage Tanks (DOLE)Storage Tanks (DOLE)Identified
DMVALeaking Underground Storage Tanks (DOLE)Leaking Storage Tanks (DOLE)Identified
DMVAArmory locationsArmory locationsIdentified
DMVAMilitary ComplexesMilitary ComplexesIdentified
DWRSurface Water20+ shapefilesIdentified
DWRSurface WaterFlood ZonesIdentified
DWRSurface WaterPassable RiverIdentified
DWRSurface WaterIrrigated LandsIdentified
DNRVarious GIS boundaries and data20+ shapefilesIdentified
DNRAvalanche Information Center (DNR)AvalanchesIdentified
DNRGeological SurveyLand SlidesIdentified
DNRGeological SurveyMountain SummitsIdentified
DNRLand BoardTrust land ownership by county, Trust land ownership by beneficiaryIdentified
DNRLand BoardSurface Ownership, Mineral Estate/All Layers, Oil & Gas Layer only, Stewardship TrustIdentified
DNRMining and ReclamationPermitted Mine Locations, Inactive/Closed MinesIdentified
DNROil and GasOil and Gas Well Facilities, Locations, PermitsIdentified
DNROil and GasOil and Gas Potentially Valuable AreasIdentified
DNRColorado Oil and Gas Commission GIS OnlineWell and Permit Locaitons, Facility Locations, Wildlife Habitat, Rule 317BIdentified
DNRState Parks and WildlifeGold Medal Lakes and StreamsIdentified
DNRState Parks and WildlifeColorado State Parks Web Map, State Parks PDF Maps and Resources, State Wildlife Areas, Wildlife Viewing Map, Trail Maps and Resources, CDOW Property and Easement Boundaries, State Land Holdings/Leases, State Park Boundaries/Trails/InfrastructureIdentified
DNRState Parks and WildlifeInteractive campground Map, Hunting Atlas, Fishing Atlas, Fishing Info,Wildlife Habitat RegionsIdentified
DPAState BudgetIdentified
CDHEHazardous Materials and Waste Management DivisionLand Fills - current and historic - points and polysIdentified
CDHEHazardous Materials and Waste Management DivisionConfined Animal Feeding OperationsIdentified
CDHEHazardous Materials and Waste Management DivisionFederal BrownfieldsIdentified
CDHEDivision of Environmental Health and SustainabilitySustainability dataIdentified
DORRevenueMotor Vehicle, Taxation, Lottery, Auto Industry Enforcement, Gaming Enforcement, Liquor and Tobacco Enforcement, Racing EnforcementTBD
DORRevenueMarijuana Enforcement (METRC)Identified
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