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See Chicago River North Branch Tour for orienting yourself to the site of this photo tour.


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The Boathouse and The Launch










The first stretch headed toward Addison has a transformer station almost immediately to the west.


River buffer_7N_addison to belmont 4_put in site with streets










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At Addison you’ll find the first sighting of sewer overflows. Notice the hinge door below the locally decorated portion of the overpass footing.

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Except for a few scattered building tops over the treeline, the viewshed on the stretch from Addison to Irving Park is mostly natural due to the manufacturing in this area.

River buffer_6N_irving park to addison 5b_nerighborhoods with streets_addison to irving









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Irving Park to Montrose the buildings make a noticeable shift from the industry in the previous stretch. More homes and docks emerge on the east side of the river, and a park that lines the west side provides a similar natural feel as the ‘umaintained’ shoreline hiding all but building tops from the Addison to Irving Park stretch. The families that live along the river feed the ducks including a few mohawk sporting duck transplants native to Patagonia (the white one near the dock in the photo below). There is some controversy over the clearing of the treeline along Horner Park. The city would like to clear it of invasives, and the residents would prefer to keep the lush natural visual screen as it currently stands.

River buffer_5N_montrose to irving park 5c_nerighborhoods with streets_irving to montrose










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Montrose to Wilson and Wilson to Lawrence is purely residential. Just past Montrose docks increase, as do boat sizes, as the changing direction of the river changes the home orientation changes lot size in relation to river frontage. Following the bend leading up to Wilson and on to Lawrence parcels all have long lots extending to the river.


5d_nerighborhoods with streets_montrose to lawrenceRiver buffer_4N_wilson to montrose_slim











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At Wilson the number of bridges increases from 1/2 mile to 1/4 mile, and three visible bridges, with the addition of a bridge for the train, makes this very noticeable. From Wilson to Lawrence, parcels continue to be oriented “French long lots style.” Notably, a home in this stretch has invested in a wind turbine.

River buffer_3N_lawrence to wilson










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Just past Lawrence is the North Branch Sewage Pumping Station, and the viewshed from the river stretching up toward the spillway south of Foster becomes very natural again.

River buffer_2N_argyle to lawrence













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