TNW stands for a term coined by the researchers to represent “threshold near white” as this script was custom written to run on tri-band images forcing all digital numbers from a certain point (threshold) to 255. So, in this example, files are “run at 240″ meaning that any digital number at or above 240 will be set to 255 on all three bands. This script is a modification of that script, where any value ranges can be entered into the range windows, and all will be replaced with whatever replacement color is set (usually to 255^255^255).

The following screenshots are a walk-through for this step of TNW_240.

Begin by selecting “script>run”



Next, you will navigate to the location of the “Replace Color Range.sml” file and select it.



A GUI (graphical user interface) will be invoked, and you will set your desired range values. Output defaults to true white.



Select your source folder, and the files will populate in the left pane.


Select your output folder


5-batch out

Hit run, and the jobs will begin working one at a time. There is no que job/batch function built into this script.


6-run job


When your job is completed, the run manager window will report the job is completed.

7-complete job


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