Scanning Protocols

These protocols are in place to reduce the number of rescans, and to ensure uniformity in the resulting images.

1. Make sure map is flat on scanner

2. Line map up with tape guides to ensure map is orthogonal to scanner CCD

3. Scan map

Open PS CS3

Hit F1

Make sure your white point file is loaded

The scanning dialogue will appear

Select the camera icon to do a prescan

Fit your scan capture window around the edges of the image

Hit Scan

Wait for three passes of lights for RGB filter wheels

4. Give inspection – looking for band separation, streaking or other oddities

5. Crop file to map edge – do not leave any green border

6. Save file

Be sure to follow protocols for indexing related to your specific project

7. Completed blocks are uploaded to the server

8. Make notes in the spreadsheet documenting your work

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