General Protocols for PS File Fixing

1. Always have at least three blocks local to your machine from the server.  That way you will never get caught without work while you are waiting on the server.

2. Look at EVERY file, even if it says “Done.” It is likely you will find at least some EB, but at most some speckle or washout that needs to be removed.

3. Things to not bother with: hash (unless you can get a dud), HR, and some types of LS and CW. LS can be left behind using the “optical illusion” technique, and CW can be left behind if the contours are “troubled” but still interpretable (i.e. mostly continuous).

4. Put in “Post PS QA OK” without you initials tag. Ex. “37097” not “37097_GA” Your initials go on the block in the “Post QA sort” folder. Also, just leave your initials on the block in the “Post QA sort” folder. We will keep that folder as a backup until we need the space on the server for something else, and at which point I will delete it. How long you keep a local backup of your work is entirely up to you, and the disk space on your machine’s hard drive.

5. Always close the Interarchy window (not the transfers one, that one is ok to keep open) to avoid accidentally making changes with keystrokes.

6. If you don’t have a dud but you think you need one – try processing the file from an original.

7. Only whiten a “dud’ file, never color. Only color on final files, and color only when you have no quicker option. “Duds” should be manipulated in any way necessary to get the best features, and if you end up making a “dud” perfect, don’t hesitate to just use the “dud” instead of the old ‘good’ file – just be sure to make note on your spreadsheet.

8. Make sure you are keeping a copy of your .xls sheets locally in your workstation.

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