PS File Fixing

Following the QA Iteration Process, this is the most labor intensive step of the map production steps. It is a step which simply cannot be batched.

This phase of processing was designed to explain the PS File Fix stages that result in final product files. It is the ultimate goal of any researcher working with digital products to create a scenario where steps can be batched, and do not require manual intervention. It is the awareness of any experienced researcher, however, that inevitability there will be a phase that involves checking the results of whatever can be batched, and this is generally referred to as quality assurance (QA).

Similar to the QA Iteration process, due to the large nature of the dataset, this phase required development of temporary protocols that were then enacted to test their viability. At the time of initial file fixing, the end product of the map series was unknown and it was the decision of the lead researchers to err on the side of caution with high standards for Quality Assurance. Also, the geographic focus was to complete areas of highest interest and human occupancy (namely coastal areas of the US) which also inherently were have more features, and so the more stringent QA protocols were relevant for the production of these areas. The capacity to fix files improved as the techniques for quality assurance improved, and thus there are two date ranges for File Fixing protocols.

PS File Fixing – Protocols for 5.1.2012 – 8.31.2013

PS File Fixing – Protocols for 9.1.2013 – dataset completion

General Protocols for PS File Fixing

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