Wheeler Maps

These maps are low resolution images of some of the maps in the Wheeler collection in the Golda Meir Library for the American Geographical Society at the University of Milwaukee in Wisconsin.

The Wheeler Maps are officially known as

Each sheet has notes pertaining to the expedition that produced the data for the production of the map sheet, both for the date and for the commissioning

Areas were mapped at a variety of scales, the most common of which being either One inch to 4 miles and One inch to 8 miles. Perhaps the most notorious sheet of this collection is the famed Yosemite 1888 sheet, which was mapped at a custom scale.


The Los Angeles Sheet was mapped at 1:4. This is perhaps my favorite sheet to overlay onto modern aerial imagery –

This eastern California sheet is also at 1:4

Many sheets came in three versions, the color reflecting land use, and tan and gold fill to emphasize physiological features, as in these two sheets also at 1:4

Snake River Basin

Great Salt Lake


This Grand Canyon sheet is at 1:8 and extends from 111-113 degrees longitude west

It also represents how there were collaborative mapping efforts underway during this era of North America’s transition into the United States

Wheeler’s expedition also produced geologic maps at 1:8




Margaret Spyker

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