Zip Codes in Colorado with Over 90% Occupancy

Either owner occupied or renter occupied

This data is packaged as “Census Data by Zip Code” on the Colorado Information Marketplace, but many people do not know that Census data includes data on housing and households in addition to the more well known attributes of “population”, “gender” and “race”. In this zip code example you can see the booming phenomena of population in Colorado. As a higher density urban area, constrained by urban growth boundaries, transportation infrastructure and quality of life in centralized areas, Denver has high rental and occupancy rates in its urban areas. From this data you can see the patterning of urban areas across the landscape, with density being defined as rental occupancy over 90% distributed by zip code (sorry! a couple zip codes have “no data” and are see-through). Explore all of the Colorado Census Data – curated by DOLA, so it is combined with TIGER geometry: export it as a CSV or SHP! What Data Visualization can you make with Census Data?

Margaret Spyker

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