PLUTO and Parcels

Could you do this with CO Data?

PLUTO is the New York City’s Extensive Land Use and Geographic Data at the Tax Lot Level in comma–separated values (CSV) file format. The PLUTO files contain more than seventy fields derived from data maintained by city agencies. That’s right. It’s the city’s parcel layer – open, free and crazy interesting. With a Data Dictionary that is off the hook, to boot! Take a trip through the dataset in the way that only Carto DB could do it best – Andrew Hill’s interactive tour of the dataset is both entertaining and informative”857,879 tax lots across New York City…And many beautiful errors. cartodb_pluto_tour

Colorado’s new Statewide Parcel Layer is in its first phase of conception. co statewide parcels_first 19_600   The 2014 edition includes only 19 of 64 counties, but still covers the area of 45% of state residents (2010 population of 19 counties = 2259300, 45% of 5052196 total state population). Who’s up for the challenge of creating a Colorado Statewide Parcels Tour?

Margaret Spyker

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