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Illustrating that sense of a place can be described by its components. As the sum is greater than its parts, it could also be said that understanding individual parts of their own accord is a good exercise for having a better understanding of how exactly the sum is characterized. NPR recently showcased I Quant NY – a blog dedicated to showcasing the findings of Data Scientist Ben Wellington as he wrangles and munges his way through NYC’s open data catalog. The most interesting stories are often discovered in the least likely of datasets. Data Science challenges people to think about the multiple facets of everything. Data Science to the Rescue. Perhaps the most exciting part of opening up data is discovering what solutions to common problems can be discovered through making good use of the data. For many entrepreneurs, this is commonly identified as “finding the pain points” – what would people pay money to not have to do anymore? The most obvious place to start looking for pain points is in the areas where the blood of Democracy is thundering through societal veins: new industries and new policies. New Industry Example: What possible linkage our use for Economic Development could come from utilizing Department of Motor Vehicle data – isn’t that just types of cars and locations of owners? Sure, of course it is, but it is also locations and records of alternative fuel vehicles and fleet vehicles for governments, organizations and private entities. Certainly the diversification of the energy market is tied to the Economic Development of a region that supports it. The specific needs of this burgeoning industry include an app that shows the location of all alternative fueling charging stations, preferred parking spots and other amenities designed to encourage diversification of the nation’s energy portfolio. Enjoy a few headlines from I Quant NY:

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