Denver Area Farmer’s Market Deserts

This visualization is from the winning team of the first ever Go Code Colorado Data Jam Hackathon – held Saturday March 28 at the Turing School in downtown Denver. This team combined two datasets from the Colorado Information Marketplace: ACS Block Groups, ACS Zip Codes, and 2014 Colorado Farmer’s Markets – to create this analysis of Farmer’s Market Deserts. As a spin from the concept of a food desert. A full food desert analysis involves extensive data gathering on the type and quality of available food sources to given locations (this is a major use of a state sponsored open dataset of retail locations!!), in addition to a route analysis based on differing modes of transportation. In lieu of having all that data available, this team was smart in showing farmers markets as indicator locations of communities likely to be under-served by access to fresh foods and produce. Of course there are other factors at play – like even things as simple as open space availability to host the farmers market, but certainly this simple mashup shows some patterns and suffices as evidence for a need for more research in this arena.

Colorado Farmers Market Deserts

Margaret Spyker

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