Open Source v Proprietary Debate

So here’s the rub, I’m actually not partial one way or the other. I like whichever software performs the task I need to accomplish in the most timely and straightforward manner possible, at the time I need it to.

Take ArcGIS vs QGIS – sometimes Arc has the solution that’s easier to use and sometimes QGIS does. If I’m really planning to process a large amount of data, I will test both processes for both efficiency of task and quality of output – these optimum between two metrics will produce the best output.

That’s my subjective opinion.

If you were to measure my response in the number of hours I use in proprietary or open source software, then the latter is the clear winner. That is more a measure of economics than it is a measure of software performance. I can’t say without testing if the statement would still be true if I had Arc running on my machine.

Margaret Spyker

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