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If you are in need of creating a US map where hovering over a state displays basic data and clicking on a start directs you to a web page related to that state, then Pat Flynn has a GUI for you!

Create a Clickable Map produces a very basic and straightforward map – enter in your color schema for state fill, border and text fill, border in the top “check” boxes, then hover over each state to enter some descriptive information on the top line of the pop up and the link that you would like people to be taken to when they click a state. The text you enter will show up below the map in your window. Also I would recommend checking the box that specifies the link will open in a new tab.

Here’s my map! Notice the link opens in a new tab, and the leading bike share program for the state is listed below the map.

Very cool! Thanks Pat!!

States that have Bike Share programs, and the information provided shows the year the program started in the biggest city of the state. For secondary programs, see the list below.

A handful of states – WY, SD, ND, NV, MT , AR, KS – didn’t have any program in the works or active at the time of making this map – 7/29/2014.



Margaret Spyker

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